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Eternity Never Looked This Good


Eternity Unbound
5th December 2023

If You Keep A Dragon From His Mate, Be Prepared For The Consequences!


Ky has lived his entire life in the shadow of his older brothers who have always fought his battles for him and made allowances for his shortcomings.  However, when his mate is abducted, his world is upended into turmoil.  Driven by their bond, he embarks on a desperate mission to rescue her in an unfamiliar land, deep within the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.


Ky must navigate the jungle’s many hidden dangers and challenge himself to dig deep within to unravel his true potential if he has any hope of reaching Branwen…before it’s too late.


Taken from her bed in the middle of the night, Branwen now finds herself in a bit of a bind.  She has just discovered she possesses a coveted and addictive power, and her very sexy demon captor is determined to seduce her with his magnetic charm. What is a girl to do? 


Having lived a sheltered life, she knows very little of the outside world.  Now, cut off from everyone she knows and trusts for guidance, Branwen must rely on her own ingenuity and determination to resist these new temptations.  If she fails, she will lose more than her heart, she will lose her soul…forever. 


With every passing moment both Ky and Branwen risk losing everything they hold dear.


Never before has a journey of self-discovery been so compelling, addictive, funny or the romance been so steamy.  


Eternally Entangled
3rd September 2024

He Could Overcome Any Obstacle—Except Her Family And The Fury Of Nature.

As a Nephilim, Doran’s lifespan is destined to reach 3000 years.  At only a little over 450 years, he has navigated life thus far as a Wildling – the perfect blend of a cunning spy, skilled diplomat and ruthless hunter. However, no amount of experience could have prepared him for life with his predestined Mate, Zoe, a spirited human druid. When Doran joins Zoe for a weekend at her family’s home in Far North Queensland, he steps into a realm where nature is as wild and untamed as its inhabitants.

Zoe’s family is a unique mix of magic and mundane, whom she affectionately refers to as “bogans”, an unfamiliar term that has Doran baffled, until he experiences their unconventional lifestyle firsthand. Gaining acceptance from most of her family proves easy. Yet, despite his well-honed people skills, Doran fails to win over Zoe’s staunchly gruff father, who views their vastly different lifespans as an unbridgeable chasm.

An unexpected visit by Zoe's enigmatic aunt sets off a chain reaction of awkward encounters and concealed truths. Doran stumbles through a minefield of human connections, frequently landing himself in absurdly comical misadventures that highlight the stark contrast between his refined nature and the family's delightfully chaotic way of life.

Just when it seems the weekend couldn’t get any worse, a deadly storm bears down on the coastal town. Amid the chaos of nature’s fury, Doran must summon every ounce of his Nephilim skill to save his Mate…and hopefully earn her father’s approval.

Eternally Entangled is a race against time and seemingly insurmountable obstacles between worlds, intertwining magic, heart-pumping adventure, danger, and passionate devotion into a story as wild and unpredictable as Queensland’s shores, proving that love can conquer even the most formidable forces.


Special Edition
Eternity Unbound &
Eternally Entangled
1st October 2024

Details to Follow



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Eternity Is Forever has also recently received rave reviews from the Paranormal Romance Guild.

As a bookworm from a short age, I can let you all know in simple words that this book series WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!


It is a magnificent magical world full of supernatural entertainment; erotically romantic, dramatically  adventurous, intriguingly thrilling, mysteriously suspenseful, topped off with a heavy sprinkling of humor woven throughout each standalone book in the Eternal Series beginning with Eternal Covenant.

It surpassed my every reading and eye candy expectation.



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