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Eternal Covenant

ISBN-13 : 9780645085938

Cursed with an insatiable curiosity, Cassie is lured to investigate the appearance of a mysterious Tibetan monk and a missing cup.  Only, this is one mystery she should have left well alone.  When the monk is murdered, Cassie discovers she’s become entangled in a deadly underworld war.


Alaric has lived for centuries as a recluse and is comfortable with his lifestyle.  It’s simple and quiet, just the way he likes it.  That’s until Cassie stumbles her way onto an assassin’s hit list.  Without his protection she won’t last the week.  However, the complication she brings to his life is more than just her strong will and fiery temper.  His attraction to her is a forbidden temptation he’s helpless to avoid, but claiming his Mate could see him banished to the Underworld.


As desire becomes a dangerous compulsion that threatens to destroy them both, an ancient enemy rises, bringing about their worst fears and leaving more than one life hanging in the balance…

Eternal Possession ebook cover - extra s
Eternal Possession

ISBN-13 : 9780645085952

Kidnapped and held hostage, Alex doesn't think his day could get any worse.  Of course he's wrong.  Very wrong.  He doesn't know what bad is until his captor Ahriman, needs a new host body and Alex's unique DNA makes him the perfect candidate.  You would think that was as bad as it can get, right?  Wrong. 


Enter Abby, a telepathic vampire whose lived most of her life as a recluse.  She's shy and naïve when it comes to relationships.  She's also Alex's mate, or will be if she can find him and complete their blood bond.  If she doesn't?...He will die!  But, she's determined to do whatever it takes to rescue him.


Okay, so you're thinking things are looking bad for Alex.  Spare a thought for Ahriman.  Sure he's an evil fallen angel with an agenda to create a doorway to the Underworld.  And yes, he enjoys dominating Alex whose body he's now cohabiting.  But Alex isn't making it easy for him.  Alex's special DNA makes him stronger than any regular human.  Not to mention he also has a genius level IQ, is incredibly stubborn and has a very, very irritating personality.  If that isn't bad enough, Alex needs to have regular sex with Abby or their shared body might die.  Arhiman can handle the sex, the blood bond between Alex and Abby,…not so much.  In fact, it's enough to make him wish he was in a coma.     


But that's not all.  To top all that off, there's Ahriman's slightly crazy current…um, ex-girlfriend, a sociopathic vampire hell bent on revenge and a sorceress whose evil tendencies just might trump Ahriman's.


With three souls, two bodies and one combustible attraction, get ready for a roller coaster ride of drama, sex and hilarious situations, but how will it end?

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Heart of Eternity

ISBN-13 : 9781984500922

For more than 800 years Saladin avoided forming an attachment to a woman. Sure, there has been a few in his life. In fact, the hinges on his revolving door are ready to self combust. He’s definitely no saint. Once the formidable leader of a great nation, he’s feared and admired in the supernatural world. But, not by Teagan, the one woman whose strength and defiance struck him with an instant attraction he can’t deny. 


Two years has passed since he last saw Teagan, and his feelings for her haven’t changed. Not that he expected otherwise. After all, she is his Mate. Well, she would’ve been if circumstances had been different. Now, cut off from her, his life has begun to spiral out of control. He can’t feed, can’t sleep, can barely function, even his sanity is questionable. 


Though determined to avoid Saladin, Teagan can’t help the desire the infuriatingly sexy vampire stirs in her, plaguing her thoughts and dreams nightly. That doesn’t mean she’ll give into her contemptuous hormones. Saladin is dangerous and a complication she doesn’t need. Next in line to carry her family’s curse, a relationship with the surly vamp would end in disappointment and death, specifically hers. Nope, she wants nothing to do with Saladin.


That is until her grandfather dies. Teagan not only gains her family’s ancient power, she’s also now #1 on Morganna’s hit list. The evil sorceress is as determined to kill her as Saladin is to keep her safe. Staying alive long enough to free herself of her family’s curse, save her sisters from the same fate, defeat Morganna and find a way to be with Saladin, is a juggle of responsibilities and temptations.


With life, death and eternity on the line, which way will the hammer of destiny fall?

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Eternal Temptation

ISBN-13 : 9781796000016

As a buddhist monk for more than 500 years, Narayan’s life had been simple, disciplined.  Just the way he liked it.  Then, two years ago his life changed.  He no longer had the monastery to shelter him against the temptations of life...or his vampiric nature.  Even so, he was determined to maintain his disciplined lifestyle, including chastity.


That is until his best friend Paige is forced to drink an elixir incompatible with her Lycan genetics.  Placed in an impossible position, he must abandon his celibacy to ease her suffering until they can find her a cure.  But, lowering his self-imposed barriers awakens emotions inside him he’s not equipped to deal with, and the very foundation he’s built his life on begins to crumble.


Ever the optimist, Paige still believes in fairytale endings.  However, when she became the guest of Wyvern leader Bordan, she never imagined her life could turn into the nightmare she now finds herself in.


Torn between her body’s needs, and her guilt for making Narayan break his vows, Paige finds herself even more conflicted when she realises what she really needs from him is the one thing he can’t offer her.  His heart.


As Narayan and Paige race against time to find a cure, more than one life hangs in the balance.  Bordan’s declining mental state and hidden agenda has finally come to light, threatening the peace in Fey. 


A battle is looming and the clock keeps ticking…tick, tick, tick!  

Eternal Craving

ISBN-13 : 9781796006605

As a master spy, when Sebastian took the assignment to learn Megan’s family secret, he thought it would be boringly routine.  But things didn’t go quite to plan.  Unable to find what he came for he opts for plan B:  Seduction.  A brilliant plan, until he realises she might mean more to him than just a meaningless fling.  Seb is caught between covetous desire and duty.  Enter plan C:  Wipe her memory of him and compel her to leave her Scottish island home for Oxford.  


Megan loves her home, it’s all she’s ever known. She has no intention of leaving. Then, impulsively she decides to move to Oxford.  She doesn’t know why, she just has a burning need to go.  If only she’d reconsidered.  Caught in a torrential storm her car dies outside a drug cartel’s meth lab.  Forced to walk, her shoe’s heel snaps off, she’s sprayed with mud from a passing car and then mistaken for a homeless woman.  And that’s just getting to her job interview.  Things could only get better you say?  Wrong.  When the drug cartel blames her for their drug bust, and she discovers the Guild is also after her family’s secret, things get much worse. 


The only thing keeping her sane is the mysterious blonde vampire, Sebastian.  As they grow closer and their connection becomes stronger, the compulsion he used on her to forget what happened in Scotland, starts to wear off, complicating things tenfold. 


The secret Megan holds unlocks a puzzle that could save the world, but for Seb, saving his feisty Mate is his only concern as both new and old enemies surface to threaten her. 

Book 6 - ebook image - extra sml.jpg
Eternity Is Forever

ISBN-13 : 9781984507044

Ex-Special Forces, Hawke is afraid of nothing, except maybe the dark haired female with a 9mm Beretta pistol aimed between his legs.  Bound by honour to protect her, and driven by overwhelming desire to possess her, those two needs clash with fiery consequences.


Anna is used to dangerous situations as an undercover DEA Agent, but when her cover is blown in the biker bar she’s been working in for the past six months, she discovers that the drugs they’re pedalling are only the tip of the iceberg of secrets they’re harbouring.  Even so, she faces her enemy with confidence.  It’s the danger she faces of losing her heart to Hawke that terrifies her.


As the balance of power shifts within the supernatural world, it threatens to disrupt the natural order of life on Earth.  Hawke and Anna join forces to eliminate the threat, but the stakes are raised with the suspicion of a traitor in their midst.  It soon becomes clear that more than just their lives are on the line.


Get ready for some highly intense action, fingernail chewing suspense and heart warming drama, interwoven with a heavy dose of steamy attraction and laugh out loud fun.

Eterna Youth
eternalyouthebookhighres - ebook.jpg
Eternal Youth 

ISBN-13 : 978-0-6450859-0-7

Philippe had been a 13 year old vampire for more than 150 years.  Now he finds himself with an adult body complete with adult hormones, and no clue how to handle it all.  And, becoming an overnight chick magnet has complicated things with Nadia, the only woman he has ever loved…secretly. The problem is he’s stuck in her friend zone, especially since her own recent changes are wreaking havoc on her life?


Nadia is just your average girl, who just happens to be a druid…with almost no magical abilities.  And, her love life up until now has consisted of missteps and train wrecks.  Oh, and she’s now an Ei'Ambriath, which basically means she can see auras…and nothing else because, well, she’s also blind.  It’s a pretty underwhelming combination, right?


Figuring out how to manage their changes in a world ever present with supernatural dangers while navigating the boundaries of their relationship is tough enough, but adding to this turbulent mix is the looming shadow of Philippe’s murderous and traitorous brother, Nicholas.


Nicholas has already left a trail of bodies in his wake and now has Nadia set firmly in his sights. With the clock ticking and time running out, Philippe must find a way to save Nadia, and hopefully win her heart in the process. Tick, tick, tick!  

Hunt For Eterity
Canva B8 Cover (from full cover).png

Hunt For Eternity

11th January 2022


Forbidden Desires Come At A Price…


Tormented by regrets, Dray has tried for three years to forget Shani.  It didn’t work.  But really, what did he expect, she is his mate.  At least, she should have been.


For a long time Shani accepted the emptiness of her life, married to a cruel man she had never loved…until the day she met Dray.  Then her life became much more complicated.  Torn between her heart and her responsibilities, she has spent three years searching for a way out of her messed up life and return to England.


Now she’s back, but the secrets she kept from him before, are threatening to pull them apart again.  Only, this time Dray isn’t willing to bury his head in the sand.  Nonetheless, before he can claim his mate, he needs to deal with the man now hunting her.  Her husband.  A cunning man with the backing of the Mafia, hell bent on killing Shani and kidnapping her three year old daughter. 


Dray is desperate to protect the family he thought he’d never have, but is he willing to risk their lives to save them? 

Eternity Unveiled 
10th January 2023

What Could Terrify A Stone-Cold Warrior?…One Word, Love!


As an elite soldier, assassin and espionage specialist, Gary Sanders faces danger every day and he’s afraid of nothing…except the words “I love you.”  Just a hint of commitment expectation has him running for an escape route.


Similarly, Holly’s preferred method of dating is swiping right on Tinder.  By her own admission, she sucks at long term relationships.


So, when they’re tasked to work undercover together to find a missing priceless artefact at an exclusive Couples Therapy Retreat, things don’t go quite to plan.  Uncovering the hidden artefact isn’t their only problem.  Posing as a “real” couple proves dangerous in ways they hadn’t bargained for.  There’s no escape when fiery passion threatens to ignite something intimately more binding between them.


Attending mandatory counselling, yoga, group activities and sharing a communal bathroom is bad enough, but when someone makes an attempt on Holly’s life, and a Guild operative is also discovered at the retreat, Sanders must step up his game. 


Finding the artefact is essential to the world's future, but Sanders soon discovers that keeping Holly safe is essential to his own survival.

Eternity Unveiled
Eternity Unbound
5th December 2023

If You Keep A Dragon From His Mate, Be Prepared For The Consequences!


Ky has lived his entire life in the shadow of his older brothers who have always fought his battles for him and made allowances for his shortcomings.  However, when his mate is abducted, his world is upended into turmoil.  Driven by their bond, he embarks on a desperate mission to rescue her in an unfamiliar land, deep within the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.


Ky must navigate the jungle’s many hidden dangers and challenge himself to dig deep within to unravel his true potential if he has any hope of reaching Branwen…before it’s too late.


Taken from her bed in the middle of the night, Branwen now finds herself in a bit of a bind.  She has just discovered she possesses a coveted and addictive power, and her very sexy demon captor is determined to seduce her with his magnetic charm. What is a girl to do? 


Having lived a sheltered life, she knows very little of the outside world.  Now, cut off from everyone she knows and trusts for guidance, Branwen must rely on her own ingenuity and determination to resist these new temptations.  If she fails, she will lose more than her heart, she will lose her soul…forever. 


With every passing moment both Ky and Branwen risk losing everything they hold dear.


Never before has a journey of self-discovery been so compelling, addictive, funny or the romance been so steamy.  

Eternity Unbound
Box Set 1
Eternal Series - Box Set Books 1-4 
Books 1-4 of the Eternal Series Plus two bonus short series:
  • Eternity Begins (Short Story - Prequel)

  • Eternal Covenant

  • Eternal Possession

  • Waking the Eternal Dragon (Short Story)

  • Heart of Eternity

  • Eternal Temptation

*Available Exclusively through Amazon

Box Set 2
3D box set (2) (1)_edited.png
Eternal Series - Box Set Books 5-8 
Books 15-8 of the Eternal Series:
  • Eternal Craving

  • Eternity Is Forever

  • Eternal Youth

  • Hunt For Eternity

*Available Exclusively through Amazon

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