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Hi, I’m K.G. Inglis, the author of the Eternal series.  Native to Australia, I live in a beach town on the Southern Coast which many call a holiday destination.  When I’m not writing about the sexy vampires and alpha lycans and dragons, I can be found reading about them and spending time with my family.  But, like any respectable part-time superhero, I work a regular job five days a week and save the world on weekends writing one panty melting story at a time.    


After good success with my books on online book sites it was time to take the next step.  Although new to the publishing world I hope to make a big impact with my unique and entertaining paranormal romance/suspense books.  If you like your men hot and the action steamy, mixed with a heavy dose of humour then the Eternal series will find a space in your ‘must read again’ collection.


If you'd like to learn more about K.G. Inglis, she has recently given an interview with All Author.  Find out more about her life, her goals and interests, and her plans for her books. 

All Author Interview Photo - April 2021.
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